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What's a Container?

A container is a top level object and it basically represents a window. Nothing holds a container. It is an object that holds multiple related layouts. Each layout represents an appearance for that window. You can design different layouts for each window but only one can be visible at a time.

File:Container xml.png

What's a Layout?

A layout is a special kind of group, which shown inside a container. Each layout represents an appearance for that window. Layouts give you the ability to design different looks for the same container (or window). However, only one layout can be visible at a time. You must toggle among layouts you defined. An example is the normal mode and windowshade mode in the Default skin.

File:Winamp normal.png

* The top image is using normal layout and the bottom is using the windowshade layout.

Lets look at the Simple Tutorial xml code for layout:

File:Layout xml.png