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An animated layer is a layer that displays a series of graphics by cycling through parts of a graphics file. A simple example is the rotating arrow that you see below.

An animated layer does not move. However, an animating skin does move. To move a graphical element in animating layer, you must write a MAKI script. Scripting is covered in the next section.


Complex Tutorial Modern Skin

In Complex Tutorial, Group #4 shows a spinning arrow inside a yellow circle. This is done through Animated Layer. Here's the process.

Lets go through in detail how do to each step:

  • Make the graphics: rotating arrow
  • Define the elements in the XML code.
  • Define layers using those elements.

Make the Graphics: Rotating Arrow

When you make the graphics for this layer, make the graphics for each frame separately. Then put the frames together vertically in a single file as shown below. This example has a short animation. If you plan to show more complicated animation, make more frames.

File:Animlayer graphics.png

* yellowcircle-arrow.png

Define the Elements in the XML Code

The definition for the element is the same as any bitmap definition. The thing that is different is the next step.

File:Animlayer xml1.png

Define Layers Using those Elements

Take a look at line 70. The width and height tells Winamp3 how big each frame is. It will cycle through each frame automatically.

File:Animlayer xml2.png