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Basic Plugin Guide - TutorialBeginner's Basic Plugin GuideBox source code here
Color EditorComplete JavaScript API technology frameworkComplex Numbers
Creating Classic SkinsCreating Custom CursorsCreating Modern Skins
Creating a ClassicPro SkinDSP PluginDecode File API
Developers FAQEditing the Configuration FilesEqualizer
File Reader ServiceFor Winamp 2.9/5.xGeneral Purpose Plugin
GlossaryHTTP Example PluginImage Loader Service
Image Writer ServiceIndex.php
Input PluginJNetLibJavascript External Interface
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Media Library APIMedia Library PluginMemory Manager API
MilkDrop Preset AuthoringMilkDrop Unleashed GuideMini-browser
Modern Skin: Alpha ChannelsModern Skin: AnimatedlayerModern Skin: Animating a Skin
Modern Skin: Complex SkinModern Skin: ContainerModern Skin: Drawer Scripting
Modern Skin: DrawersModern Skin: GroupModern Skin: Intro
Modern Skin: Layer CompositionModern Skin: Maki OverviewModern Skin: Non-Rect Player
Modern Skin: Relative PositioningModern Skin: Simple Skin TutorialModern Skin: Simple Skin Tutorial (Continued)
Modern Skin: Skin ScriptingModern Skin: Snap PointsModern Skin: Winamp 2 to W3+
Modern Skin: XML IntroNullsoft Database EngineOnline Service Developer
Online Service Security PromptsOutput PluginPixel Shader Basics
Pixel shader guidePlaylistPlug-in Developer
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Replay Gain APISDK ContentsSHOUTcast
SHOUTcast 2 (Ultravox 2.1) Protocol DetailsSHOUTcast API License AgreementSHOUTcast Authhash Management
SHOUTcast BroadcasterSHOUTcast Calendar Event XML File SpecificationSHOUTcast Client Metadata Details
SHOUTcast DNAS Server 2SHOUTcast DNAS Server 2 XML ReponsesSHOUTcast DNAS Transcoder 2
SHOUTcast DNAS UpgradeSHOUTcast DeveloperSHOUTcast Getting Started Guide
SHOUTcast Listing RequirementsSHOUTcast NewsSHOUTcast Radio Authhash API
SHOUTcast Radio Directory APISHOUTcast Server CDN FeaturesSHOUTcast Server Source Support
SHOUTcast Streaming ServiceSHOUTcast System OverviewSHOUTcast Transcoder AJAX api Specification
SHOUTcast XML Metadata SpecificationSHOUTcast YP Nak ErrorsSendMessage API
Service Manager APISkin APISkin Developer
Source DSP Plug-inSource DSP Plug-in Configuration ExamplesSubclassing
Submitting Your Skin to Winamp.comSystem Callbacks APITagz API
Text Feed ServiceThe Base SkinTips for Writing an Awesome Online Service
Visual DeveloperWSZ FilesWasabi
Wasabi Appendix: Action ListWasabi Appendix: ConfigAttribWasabi Appendix: Cursors
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Winamp Orlger - OverviewXML Containing objectsXML Elements
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