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The aim of this page is to provide you with some information about common YP system errors and hints on how to resolve some of them when trying to get your stream(s) listed in the SHOUTcast Radio Directory.

Cannot see your station/computer from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache.

This is one of the most common errors and if you are seeing this error in the DNAS server's logs, then it means your stream(s) will not be listed in the SHOUTcast Radio Directory. The most common cause of this error is due to your currently running firewall and/or router.

The error should appear as Cannot see your station/computer (IP: from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache where it shows the external IP the YP system has used since that should be what external clients from your network will try to access. A simple test is to copy and paste into your browser which should then show a DNAS server summary page.

When using a v2 DNAS server, you will also see a 480 error code to identify this error

The first thing to do is to ensure you have forwarded the correct ports from the machine the DNAS server is run on to the Internet. Usually this involves forwarding port 8000 and (if using external legacy v1 sources) port 8001. If you have changed portbase from it's default value then you will need to use what is specified (and portbase+1 if you need external legacy v1 support). You should be able to find information for your router on how to do this from

You only need to do the port forwarding on the TCP protocol

Once you have changed the port forwarding, you will need to restart the DNAS server (if already running) and usually the YP system should then be able to see your DNAS server. If the issue still happens, you will then need to look at any software firewalls, consulting any documentation relating to the software you are using and for the operating system you are using. You can find information about some software used by other broadcasters having the same issue from here.

Another cause of this issue is when your DNAS server is running but not on the same network adaptor or external IP address as the YP system is trying to test a connection on e.g. when there are multiple external IP addresses or running in a virtualised system. The simplest way to try to resolve this is explicitly to specify the external IP for the DNAS server to bind itself to via destip.

If none of the above resolves the issue for you, then please have a look at the following other references which have covered this issue over the years here.

Invalid Authorization Hash

This error only relates to v2 DNAS servers and is identified with the 470 error code. This will happen if you have not obtained an authorization hash for your stream as detailed here or if you have an invalid authorization hash e.g. it has been removed / revoked.

The detailed error message provided by the YP system to the DNAS will show either Authhash not specified or Authhash not found which should make it easier to identify the cause of the problem with your configuration.

To start resolving the issue, you can check to see if there is a valid authorization hash specified against the stream on the machine running the DNAS by looking at the Administrator Summary page e.g. via which will show any connected streams with missing authorization hash(s) or needing to have one created for it. If that is the case then follow the instructions shown or for how to create an authorization hash.

Otherwise, you can also try using the Administrator Stream Configurations report e.g. via to check the details the DNAS server currently knows about all stream configurations, looking at the streamauthhash entry for the stream(s) having issues.

If that still does not resolve this error, then please see here for how to obtain more assistance (paying attention to the information which is required).

Generic Error

If you are seeing this error in the DNAS server's logs, the usual cause is related to an internal error / handling issue within the YP system itself. In most cases this is not something due to how you have setup your DNAS server and can be due to a number of internal YP system issues.

Usually this will go away or may intermittently occur. However if it does persist then you should post in the SHOUTcast Technical Support forum, providing as much information about your setup, logs and other information which is relevant to your setup.