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The purpose of this document is to show you the information and format of the different xml responses which the SHOUTcast v2 server is able to generate allowing accessing to the information about the current connections or available stream configurations for example.

How to Access XML Responses

Due to the SHOUTcast v2 DNAS being able to support multiple streams, it requires you to specify the stream identifier of the stream that you require information about.

So to access the General Server Summary (see section 2.2) for stream identifier 1 then the following would be used:


To access the same for stream identifier then replace 1 with 2 and so on for any other streams you want to obtain the information from.

Throughout the rest of this document, it is assumed you know how to specify the stream identifier
you require so only the base part of the url is shown i.e. /stats instead of /stats?sid=#

Full Server Summary

When using the administrative admin.cgi?mode=viewxml option the xml response is of the general details about stream as is shown in a dispersed manner over the administration and public summary pages as well as details of the Listener Stats (see section 2.3) and Song History (see section 2.4).

If you only require a specific set of information then you should look at the &page=X parameter when accessing the admin.cgi?mode=viewxml option as the xml response from this option is a combination of the following responses:

 General Server Summary  (section 2.2)
 Listener Stats          (section 2.3)
 Song History            (section 2.4)

General Server Summary

When using the administrative admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=1 or the public /stats option the xml response is of the general details about stream as is shown in a dispersed manner over the administration and public summary pages. This is a compact version of what is otherwise shown in the 'Full Server Summary' (see section 2.1) and acts as the equivalent of 7.html (see section 3.0).


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    <!-- average time (seconds) of any active client connections -->
    <!-- these are some information about the stream as shown in clients, etc -->
    <!-- if the SHOUTcast source provides current and next song titles then -->
    <!-- they will be listed. if not known then these will be empty entries -->
    <SONGTITLE>The Current Song</SONGTITLE>
    <!-- these 3 are only listed if the stream is from a SHOUTcast v1 source -->
    <!-- otherwise they are not included as v2 sources do not support them -->
    <!-- cumulative total of any attempts to connect to the stream when it is active -->
    <!-- shows 1 if a source is connected and 0 if there is no source -->
    <!-- note: if there is no source then no client connections occur -->
    <!-- infomation about the format of the stream content and access path-->
    <!-- version of the SHOUTcast server being used -->

Listener Stats

When using the administrative admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=3 option the xml response is of the details about currently connected clients to the server for this stream. If there are no clients connected to then there will be no <LISTENER> entries in the xml response.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
        <!-- a unique number for the client connection used to determine duplicates -->

Song History

When using the administrative admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=4 option the xml response is of the currently stored played song history (if enabled) of the stream. If any song titles have been sent to the server then they will displayed up to the number of songs played as per the 'songhistory' option (see sc_serv2.txt - section 4.7) otherwise there will be no <SONG> entries in the xml response.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
        <!-- PLAYEDAT is a raw time_t (UTC time) value of when the song was started -->
        <TITLE>The Previous Title</TITLE>
        <TITLE>The Current Song</TITLE>

Stream Metadata

When using the administrative admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=5 option the xml response is of the currently stored stream metadata as provided by the connected SHOUTcast source. This can just be a title (typically with a SHOUTcast v1 source) or can be a complete metadata block with a SHOUTcast v2 source which is providing all data from an mp3 file.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
      <!-- this will be the only entry if a SHOUTcast v1 source is connected -->
      <TIT2>The Current Title</TIT2>
      <TALB>The Album Title</TALB>
      <TPE1>The Artist</TPE1>
      <TENC>SHOUTcast Source DSP Plug-in v2.2.0 BUILD 099</TENC>
      <TRSN>My SHOUTcast Server</TRSN>

Detailed information on the supported fields and also suggested fields to be provided by a SHOUTcast v2 source can be found in the SHOUTcast XML Metadata Specification.

Stream Configurations

When using the administrative admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=6 option the xml response is of the currently known stream configuration details (based on the options set in the loaded configuration file) and any global stream configuration options which are applicable.

This is a global action and when used the stream identifier will not be used but is
still required to be specified and to be a valid stream identifier when requested.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
      <!-- these are global settings / information about the stream configurations -->
      <!-- if REQUIRECONFIGS is 1 then only source connections matching are allowed -->
      <!-- this is the total number of stream configurations known and enabled -->
      <!-- the value of 'id' relates to 'streamid' and is used to identify the group -->
      <STREAMCONFIG id="1">
        <!-- if set as SERVERMAXLISTENERS then the global SERVERMAXLISTENERS is in use -->


When using the public /nextsongs admin option the xml response contains a list of titles (if available from the source) of the songs which are to be played after the currently playing song finishes. The number of song titles returned is determinded by the source so this file can contain no titles or it could contain 10 titles.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
      <!-- the first title in the list begins at "1" and goes up -->
      <TITLE seq="1">The Next Song - To Be Played</TITLE>
      <TITLE seq="2">The Following Song - Or Not To Be Played</TITLE>
      <!-- XX is the last file returned -->
      <TITLE seq="XX">The Final Song - That Is The Question</TITLE>

Equivalent of 7.html

In SHOUTcast DNAS v1 servers a 7.html could be accessed to get certain information about the current server instance for reporting and other usage. This is no longer provided in the SHOUTcast v2 DNAS and has been replaced by an equivalent xml response which provides some extra information via the /stats (public) or admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=1 (private) options.

The following shows the order of and what information was provided by the 7.html response against the xml entry name in the /stats or admin.cgi?mode=viewxml&page=1 xml response: