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Spam Event?

>>Jerk affair "Pork & Beer Style, Dec 20,2009.. @ Sparkling car wash..Montego Bay , Jamaica W.I More Info 1876-7751921

Okay, I'm moving this to the discussion page until it is verified. Is this a real event? Are you just a spammer? Can you show any info on this event happening and that it is actually related to Winamp? Either way it is over now, but this just looks like spam.

I'm all for sharing Winamp current events, those would be cool to post, but this just looks like nonsense. My quick google searches don't turn up anything for any such event or place, and the phone number doesn't show up, nor does it appear to use a real Jamaica area code. If this is real please speak up. I am deleting the content from the main page for now. --Culix 07:08, 21 December 2009 (UTC)