Wasabi Appendix: Action List

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"PREV" 			- Previous Track
"PLAY" 			- Play  
"PAUSE" 		- Pause  
"STOP" 			- Stop  
"NEXT" 			- Next Track  
"EJECT" 		- Open File  
"EJECT_URL" 		- Open URL  
"EJECT_DIR" 		- Open Directory  
"VOLUME_UP" 		- Increase Volume  
"VOLUME_DOWN" 		- Decrease Volume  
"REWIND_5S" 		- Rewind 5 Seconds  
"FFWD_5S" 		- FastForward 5 Seconds  
"TEXT_LARGER" 		- Increase Text Size  
"TEXT_SMALLER" 		- Decrease Text Size  
"DOUBLESIZE" 		- Double Skin Size  
"CONTROLMENU" 		- Control Menu (Opacity, Scaling, Docked Toolbar)
"SYSMENU" 		- System Menu (Also the right-click menu in Winamp)
"CLOSE" 		- Close Winamp  
"MINIMIZE" 		- Minimize Winamp  
"CLOSE_WINDOW" 		- Close Current Window  
"TOGGLE_ALWAYS_ON_TOP" 	- Always On Top Mode  
"TOGGLE_REPEAT" 	- Repeat  
"TOGGLE_SHUFFLE" 	- Shuffle  
"EQ_TOGGLE" 		- Toggle Equalizer On/Off  
"EQ_AUTO" 		- Toggle Automatic Per-Song EQ Settings  
"MB_BACK" 		- Minibrowser History Back  
"MB_FORWARD" 		- Minibrowser History Forward  
"MB_STOP" 		- Minibrowser Stop Loading Page  
"MB_REFRESH" 		- Minibrowser Refresh Page  
"MB_HOME" 		- Minibrowser Home
"VIDEO:FULLSCREEN" 	- Show Video In Fullscreen  
"VIDEO:SCALE 1X" 	- Show Video In Normalsize  
"VIDEO:SCALE 2X" 	- Show Video In Doublesize  
"VIDEO:TV" 		- Open Media Library (will hopefully later show an Internet TV listing in the Media Library)  
"VIDEO:MISC" 		- Video Options Menu
"CB_PREV" 		- Componentbucket Previous  
"CB_NEXT" 		- Componentbucket Next 
"SWITCH" 		- Switch To Different Layout as specified by param  
       param="someLayout" 	- where someLayout is the id of the Layout to switch to  
"TOGGLE" 		- Toggle Component as specified by param  
       param="someGUID" 	- where someGUID is the GUID of the Component as found below
"MENU" 			- Show Menu as specified by param  
       param="someMenu" 	- where someMenu is the id of the Menu to show. Menu Id's:
					- presets = EQ presets menu
"ML_SendTo" 		- Show the Send To menu
"PE_Add" 		- Add Files to Playlist menu
"PE_Rem" 		- Remove Files from Playlist menu
"PE_Sel" 		- Select Files from Playlist menu
"PE_Misc" 		- Misc Actions Playlist menu
"PE_List" 		- Manage Playlist menu
"VIS_Menu" 		- Configure Visualizer Menu
"VIS_Prev" 		- Previous Visualization Preset
"VIS_Next" 		- Next Visualization Preset
"PAN" 			- Balance slider
"EQ_BAND" 		- Show the Send To menu
	param="slidertype" 	- where slidertype is one of these: preamp;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10
"trackmenu" 		- Shows Track Menu
"WA5:Prefs" 		- Configure Visualizer Menu
	param="int"		- Where int is the page number of the preferences page
					- 42 = Playback
					- 33 = Select Vis Plugin
"VOLUME" 		- Volume Slider
"SEEK"			- Seek Slider

*** Broken Action (Winamp 5) ***
"RELOAD_SKIN" 		- Reload/Refresh Skin
"ADD_BOOKMARK" 		- Add Bookmarks
"PREFERENCES" 		- Toggle Preferences  
"VIEW_BOOKMARK" 	- View Bookmarks  
"VIEW_FILE_INFO" 	- Media Info Editor