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[[Media:Media:Example.ogg--Desimunda 04:46, 22 April 2009 (UTC)]]Creating a Classic Skin: The Base Skin --> Paint the Main Window --> Paint the Equalizer Window --> Paint the Playlist Window --> Paint the Minibrowser Window --> Paint the AVS Window --> Paint the Winamp 2.9/5.x Windows --> Create Custom Cursors --> Edit the Configuration Files --> Compress to .WSZ format --> Submit to

The Base Skin is a copy of the default skin built into Winamp. All you have to do to skin Winamp is paint over or replace a skin component with your own design and, voilà, your own personalized version of Winamp. You can replace any or all of the components in a skin. Anything you don't replace will use its Base Skin counterpart. Naturally, the Base Skin components will look out of place, so we suggest changing every file.

The Base Skin can be split into six logical segments, consisting of the following files:

1) Main:

Main.bmp: Main Frame
Titlebar.bmp: Titlebar
Cbuttons.bmp: Control Buttons
Shufrep.bmp: Shuffle and Repeat Buttons
Volume.bmp: Volume Bar
Balance.bmp: Balance Bar
Monoster.bmp: Mono/Stereo Indicators
Posbar.bmp: Position Bar
Playpaus.bmp: Play/Paused Indicators
Numbers.bmp: Digit Reference
Text.bmp: Text Reference

2) Equalizer:

Eqmain.bmp: Equalizer Main Frame
Eq_ex.bmp: Equalizer Window Shade Bar

3) Playlist:

Pledit.bmp: Playlist Editor Frame/Buttons

4) Mini-browser:

Mb.bmp: Mini-browser Frame

5) AVS:

Avs.bmp: AVS Frame

6) For Winamp 2.9/5.x:

Video.bmp: Video Window
Gen.bmp: General Purpose Window
Genex.bmp: General Purpose Buttons and Sliders