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SHOUTcast's streaming and monetization program includes free tools for experienced internet broadcasters who desire to generate revenue with their stations. Utilizing a metadata or tone trigger (executed by the station), SHOUTcast's server-side ad injection system sends geotargeted ads to listeners based on their worldwide DMA (Designated Market Area). All inventory is supplied by TargetSpot, the largest audio ad house in the U.S, which recently added offices in europe. SHOUTcast's monetization program plays ads for listeners in the US, Spain, France, Germany, The UK, Belgium, and Switzerland, with more to come.

Since TargetSpot is part of the Radionomy Group along with SHOUTcast, there are no middlemen or ad insertion fees, allowing SHOUTcast partner stations to earn a higher revenue share than they could with competitors.

For stations not wishing to maintain their own servers, SHOUTcast offers free streaming using an advanced network of servers which host over 65 million hours of programming every month.

All-in-all, SHOUTcast monetization is the most complete option for generating revenue with an audio stream. Find out more information about the SHOUTcast products at

Free TuneIn API Access

All stations who participate in SHOUTcast's Revenue and Streaming Solutions (i.e. Streaming Service and DNAS+ Monetization platforms only) can use the TuneIn's API (AirAPI), which helps grow your audience. TuneIn displays the currently playing song/artist in real time in their directory and with SHOUTcast's API integration, your station's "now playing" information will be sent to listeners looking for the music you're playing!

You'll first need to get your station's API keys from TuneIn, just follow these simple instructions:
1) Goto and get your API keys
2) Contact and have them add your API information onto your account.
    You will need to provide your SHOUTcast station name and your TuneIn Station ID, TuneIn Partner ID and TuneIn Partner Key.

Note: This service is provided FREE to stations who get approved for the SHOUTcast Streaming Service and DNAS+ Monetization program only..
    The service is not currently available for stations using the SHOUTcast DNAS without monetization.
    To register your station for SHOUTcast Monetization, fill out the form here:


Note: SHOUTcast does not provide any music licensing of any kind to the stations that stream using our software and services, though we do partner with other services like Stream Licensing and Pronet which provide licensing coverage to online broadcasters.