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Free Download: New SHOUTcast version 2.4.7

SHOUTcast, the largest streaming audio software platform and worldwide radio station directory has released an update to its industry-standard streaming software. With the moniker “2.4.7” (to emphasize round-the-clock reliability), the latest version includes many new features and capabilities to make internet broadcasting easier for broadcasters.

The new SHOUTcast Suite of Streaming Products still includes a free streaming option, and powerful revenue generating tools, and the latest version adds : * Improved ad support and revenue tracking * Even better stability for reliable streaming 24/7 * Improved processor management saves energy * Better memory usage for stations with big audiences

Effortless Upgrade

- Broadcasters who run their own servers should download the updated version of the DNAS for free from the download button on

-Stations using a CDN (streaming service) should ask their provider to make sure they’re server gets updated to SHOUTcast version 2.4.7

Technical Details

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