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* Better memory usage for stations with big audiences
* Better memory usage for stations with big audiences
[[https://yp.shoutcast.com/v/2_5_0|full changelog]]
[https://yp.shoutcast.com/v/2_5_0 full changelog]
'''Effortless Upgrade'''
'''Effortless Upgrade'''

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Free Download: New SHOUTcast version 2.5

SHOUTcast, the largest streaming audio software platform and worldwide radio station directory has released an update to its industry-standard streaming software. With the moniker “2.4.7” (to emphasize round-the-clock reliability), the latest version includes many new features and capabilities to make internet broadcasting easier for broadcasters.

The new SHOUTcast Suite of Streaming Products still includes a free streaming option, and powerful revenue generating tools, and the latest version adds:

  • Improved ad support and revenue tracking
  • Even better stability for reliable streaming 24/7
  • Improved processor management saves energy
  • Better memory usage for stations with big audiences

full changelog

Effortless Upgrade

Broadcasters who run their own servers should download the updated version of the DNAS for free from the download button on [shoutcast.com/broadcastnow]

Stations using a CDN (streaming service) should ask their provider to make sure their server gets updated to SHOUTcast version 2.5

Technical Details

Read more on the [SHOUTcast Forum]