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::'''[[SHOUTcast_XML_Metadata_Specification|SHOUTcast XML Metadata Specification]]'''
::'''[[SHOUTcast_XML_Metadata_Specification|SHOUTcast XML Metadata Specification]]'''
::'''[[SHOUTcast_API_License_Agreement|SHOUTcast API License Agreement]]'''

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Shoutcast Home | Shoutcast Server (DNAS) | Shoutcast Developer (API) | Shoutcast For Business & Revenue Generation | Shoutcast DSP (encoder Plug-In for Winamp)

Here you can find some of the technical documentation about some of the SHOUTcast system from accessing the SHOUTcast Radio Directory to the streaming protocol used as well as some legacy information for historical purposes.

SHOUTcast Radio Directory Partner API Documentation - Reference for accessing information from the Radio Directory
SHOUTcast Radio Authhash Partner API Documentation - Reference for accessing the SHOUTcast 2 Authhash Management API
SHOUTcast / Ultravox 2.1 Protocol Details - Reference for anyone wanting to implement clients or servers supporting the SHOUTcast 2 protocol
SHOUTcast XML Metadata Specification
SHOUTcast API License Agreement