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== Easy Upgrading From SHOUTcast 1.98 = =  (First Revision - April 22, 2015)  
== Easy Upgrading From SHOUTcast 1.98 ==  (First Revision - April 22, 2015)  

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== Easy Upgrading From SHOUTcast 1.98 == (First Revision - April 22, 2015)

Many stations are still using Version 1.98, even though this software is now 10 years old and will not be supported much longer! The current version of the SHOUTcast software provides the exact same functionality as 1.98, but has many new features along with increased stability and efficiency. All stations are encouraged to update to the latest version as soon as possible. The update is easy, has been done thousands of times, and should only take about 5 minutes to accomplish.

Here's how easy it is to update an existing SHOUTcast 1.98 server:

1) Download the latest version of SHOUTcast by using the "Download" button at http://shoutcast.com/broadcastnow

2) Make a backup copy of the folder containing your existing SHOUTcast DNAS server (1.98).

3) Double-click on the file you downloaded containing the new SHOUTcast version – on Linux/Mac this will create a new folder with all the necessary files in it. On Windows, change the name of the destination folder to “ShoutcastV2”.

4) Temporarily stop the SHOUTcast server.

5) Look in the folder that was just created and locate three things - #1: the sc_serv[.exe] file, #2: the cacert.pem file and #3: the docs folder. Take the files (#1 & #2) and move them to the folder containing your old SHOUTcast server software (replacing what’s already there if necessary). Set aside the software documentation contained in #3 the docs folder so you have a local copy to refer to.

6) Restart the SHOUTcast server. You're now running the latest version of SHOUTcast!

Lastly, be aware that each stream on your new server is automatically assigned a "Stream ID". Depending on your situation, you may need to place ":#StreamID" after the password in any audio encoder(s) so they will connect to the server after the upgrade. Check out [1] for an in-depth guide on connecting older "legacy" source audio encoders.

OPTIONAL: Following the software upgrade, most stations will need to take one additional step to list their stream on SHOUTcast.com. A unique authorization key ("authhash") needs to be assigned to your stream. This key can be generated by the DNAS, or by registering your stream at the [SHOUTcast website]. For more information on getting your authhash, please see [2]