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  1. O1. Where do I get the IP address I need to use?
  2. Answer: Nullsoft/AOL don't presently provide free bandwidth or servers to broadcast from. You need to talk to your ISP or someone with a big fat internet connection and convince them to run the server for you so you can broadcast from it.
  3. O2. Who is my system administrator?
  4. Answer: The system administrator is the person responsible for computers on your network. If you aren't on a network, then you are your own system administrator. SHOUTcast Radio broadcasting can be a fairly complex process, so bring someone along who's familiar with things like IP networking if you feel less than comfortable with computers.
  5. DNAS


  1. D1. How do I use the on-demand content features of the DNAS?
  2. Answer: The DNAS installs with a folder called content/. Place any MP3 files inside this directory, and they're ready to be streamed on-demand. The server will even automatically generate a playlist for any individual item of content so you can have browsers automatically pass the content off to a player without having to make playlists yourself.
  3. Example: Your server has a file called song.mp3 in the content/ folder. Your SHOUTcast Radio DNAS is running on port 8000 at
  4. You can listen to my song <A HREF= "">here</A>
  5. NOTE: The file song.pls DOES NOT EXIST in your content directory! If a file with the same name exists with the .mp3 extension, the DNAS will automatically generate the .pls file.
  6. NOTE: Subdirectories DO NOT work for the content section, to help prevent malicious users from tramping around your filesystem.
  7. D2. Why does the SHOUTcast Radio directory think I'm at a different IP than I really am?
  8. Answer: The SHOUTcast Radio directory used to run on the honor system. That was, it took you at your word on what IP you were broadcasting at. Since about twenty billion people abused that to send people to not-so-friendly sites, now the directory forces the listed IP to the same IP that sends it the info. Since many ISPs now use content caching on port 80 (the same port that directory data comes from), a different IP address can sometimes appear in the directory. There isn't any solution for this at the moment, save having your ISP disable forced proxying of your address.
  9. D3. I'm behind a firewall/proxy. Can I still use the DNAS to broadcast?
  10. Answer: Tricky question. Users behind proxies cannot. Users behind NAT devices can, *provided* the same port the SHOUTcast Radio server runs on is set up to forward from the NAT device to the SHOUTcast Radio server. Users behind firewalls can also get a hole punched so listeners can penetrate. If broadcasters also need to get in from the outside world, you should open the hole for PortBase + 1 (i.e. id SHOUTcast Radio runs on 8000, 8001 should be open for broadcasters to get through as well.)
  1. S1. How do I use advanced mode?
  2. Answer: Read the README that comes with the plug-in. It explains how to make things like crossfading, cd-audio, and voiceovers work. Also, there's a ScreenCam guide which will show exactly what to do