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SHOUTcast releases version 2.4.7!

Latest SHOUTcast News - The latest developments from the leader in streaming audio.

SHOUTcast Offers a Full Suite of Streaming Products

SHOUTcast has you covered when it comes to broadcasting audio online.

- [1] - the hugely popular online directory of radio stations (sometimes called the YP - Yellow Pages - for online radio).

- SHOUTcast Server (DNAS) - The most popular online streaming server software on the planet, used by over 50,000 broadcasters.

- SHOUTcast DSP - The SHOUTcast DSP is an encoder plug-in for Winamp which encodes your audio and sends it to a streaming server such as the SHOUTcast DNAS.

- SHOUTcast Free Streaming & Revenue Generation - allows successful broadcasters to stream for free and/or generate revenue from their listeners with audio ads.

- The SHOUTcast API offers developers the chance to integrate thousands of stations into their apps and products for free.