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Agave - collection of Wasabi objects unique to Winamp 5

Agave\AlbumArt - Album Art API interface definition files
Agave\Component - W5S system componentinterface definition files
Agave\Config - Winamp 5 configuration. Not be confused with the Winamp3 Wasabi Config API
Agave\Language - Language API
Agave\Metadata - Agave Metadata API


coverdirectory - Cover Directory sample plugin. Demonstrates the Album Art API, Service Factories, and how to build a [[System Component Interface|System Component (W5S)]

dsp_test - DSP Plugin example

enc_flac - Audio Encoder Plugin example using the Flake FLAC encoder. Although the project name is enc_flac, the plugin compiles as enc_flake.dll to allow it to co-exist with the libFLAC based encoder that ships with Winamp.

gen_classicart - Example General Purpose Plugin which demonstrates creating a Skinned window and the Album Art API

gen_ml - Collection of header files that comprise the Media Library API and the struct definition for creating a Media Library Plugin. Most of the content is contained in ml.h

gen_tray - Source code for the System Tray plugin which ships with Winamp.

in_chain - Example plugin showing how to use another input plugin within your own input plugin

in_raw - Example Input Plugin

in_tone - Example Input Plugin

irctell - Example W5S plugin demonstrating System Callbacks API and the old Winamp3 Media Core API (only available in modern skins)

maki - Tools and include files for compiling maki scripts for use in the Modern Skinning engine. More information is available in the Skin Developer portion of this wiki.

ml_http - Example Media Library Plugin demonstrating using embedded IE and the Javascript window.external interface.

ml_iso - Example Media Library Plugin demonstrating the send-to menu

ml_local - Header files comprising the Local Media Database API

ml_xmlex - Example Media Library Plugin demonstrating basic media libary UI concepts and the XML Parser object

mlExplorer - Standalone executable demonstrating how to use the Nullsoft Database Engine (NDE) in your own application to read Winamp's media library contents.

nde - Nullsoft Database Engine source code