Creating Custom Cursors

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Creating a Classic Skin: IntroductionThe Base SkinPaint the Main WindowPaint the Equalizer WindowPaint the Playlist WindowPaint the Minibrowser WindowPaint the AVS WindowPaint the Winamp 2.9/5.x WindowsCreate Custom CursorsEdit the Configuration FilesCompress to .WSZ formatSubmit to

A commonly overlooked skinning property is Winamp cursors. That is, the little arrow that you use to navigate through Winamp doesn't necessarily have to be an arrow. There are 27 different cursor states that Winamp can be in. Wouldn't it be cool if each one had specialized art that matched your skin? All you would need is an icon editing tool, and that idea becomes reality.

Cursor Filenames

The Base skin comes with the following cursors:

  • CLOSE.CUR: (Main Menu X)
  • EQCLOSE.CUR: (EQ Close)
  • EQNORMAL.CUR: (EQ Normal)
  • EQSLID.CUR: (EQ Up and Down Slides)
  • EQTITLE.CUR: (EQ Titlebar)
  • MAINMENU.CUR: (Main Menu Menu Button-topleft)
  • MIN.CUR: (Main Menu Minimize Button)
  • NORMAL.CUR: (Main Menu Normal Arrow)
  • PCLOSE.CUR: (Playlist Close)
  • PNORMAL.CUR: (Playlist Normal)
  • POSBAR.CUR: (Main Menu Song Position)
  • PSIZE.CUR: (Playlist Expansion Mode)
  • PTBAR.CUR: (Playlist Top Bar)
  • PVSCROLL.CUR: (Playlist vertical button)
  • PWINBUT.CUR: (Playlist Windowshade Mode)
  • PWSNORM.CUR: (Playlist Windowshade Normal)
  • PWSSIZE.CUR: (Playlist Windowshade Size Explainsion)
  • SONGNAME.CUR: (Song Name Scroll)
  • TITLEBAR.CUR: (Main Menu Name Bar)
  • VOLBAL.CUR: (Main Menu Volume Balance)
  • VOLBAR.CUR: (Main Menu Volume Switch)
  • WINBUT.CUR: (Main Menu Windowshade Mode)
  • WSCLOSE.CUR: (Windowshade Close)
  • WSMIN.CUR: (WindowShade Main Minimize)
  • WSNORMAL.CUR: (Windowshade Normal)
  • WSPOSBAR.CUR: (Windowshade Song Position)
  • WSWINBUT.CUR: (Windowshade Exit Windowshade Mode)