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    <protectedtitles ptstart="2009-02-09T03:31:18Z" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Dasani-banks-6.jpg" timestamp="2011-07-07T02:35:13Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:219537 220453084647655 100000488963697 899226 5725617 o.jpg" timestamp="2011-06-21T01:56:52Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="2" title="User:BestSoft206135" timestamp="2011-05-26T03:23:01Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="3" title="User talk:BuyViagra" timestamp="2011-03-31T02:30:05Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Baba.jpg" timestamp="2011-03-09T03:15:21Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:DSC00509.JPG" timestamp="2010-11-16T15:11:16Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Picture0182.jpg" timestamp="2010-10-31T08:25:15Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Acer-Aspire.jpg" timestamp="2010-10-28T01:17:49Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Image036.gif" timestamp="2009-12-21T18:08:58Z" level="sysop" />
      <pt ns="6" title="File:Untitled - 5.png" timestamp="2009-12-21T18:08:41Z" level="sysop" />