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      <page pageid="212" ns="0" title="SDK Contents">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">The '''Winamp SDK''' is a collection of code and examples projects that illustrate how code can be written for Winamp. If you are looking to write a plugin but don't know where to start, try looking for an example project that does something similar. You can then check out that specific section of code and begin learning how winamp works.

You can download a copy of the Winamp 5.55 SDK [ here].

==SDK Sections==

* Agave - collection of [[Wasabi API|Wasabi]] objects unique to Winamp 5
** Aave\AlbumArt - [[Album Art API]] interface definition files
** Agave\Component - [[System Component Interface|W5S system component]]interface definition files
** Agave\Config - [[Agave Config API|Winamp 5 configuration]].  Not be confused with the Winamp3 [[Wasabi Config API]]
** Agave\Language - [[Language API]]
** Agave\Metadata - [[Agave Metadata API]]
* burner
* coverdirectory - Cover Directory sample plugin.  Demonstrates the [[Album Art API]], [[Service Factory|Service Factories]], and how to build a [[System Component Interface|System Component (W5S)]
* dsp_test - [[Audio Effects plugin|DSP Plugin]] example
* enc_flac - [[Audio Encoder Plugin]] example using the [ Flake] FLAC encoder.  Although the project name is enc_flac, the plugin compiles as enc_flake.dll to allow it to co-exist with the [ libFLAC] based encoder that ships with Winamp.
* gen_classicart - Example [[General Purpose Plugin]] which demonstrates creating a Skinned window and the [[Album Art API]]
* gen_ml - Collection of header files that comprise the [[Media Library API]] and the struct definition for creating a [[Media Library Plugin]].  Most of the content is contained in ml.h
* gen_tray - Source code for the System Tray plugin which ships with Winamp.
* in_chain - Example plugin showing how to use another input plugin within your own input plugin
* in_raw - Example [[Input Plugin]]
* in_tone - Example [[Input Plugin]]
* irctell - Example [[System Component Interface|W5S]] plugin demonstrating [[System Callbacks API]] and the old Winamp3 [[Media Core API]] (only available in modern skins)
* maki - Tools and include files for compiling [[maki]] scripts for use in the Modern Skinning engine.  More information is available in the [[Skin Developer]] portion of this wiki.
* ml_http - Example [[Media Library Plugin]] demonstrating using embedded IE and the Javascript [[Javascript External Interface|window.external]] interface.
* ml_iso - Example [[Media Library Plugin]] demonstrating the send-to menu
* ml_local - Header files comprising the Local Media Database API
* ml_rg - ?
* ml_wire - ?
* ml_xmlex - Example [[Media Library Plugin]] demonstrating basic media libary UI concepts and the [[XML Parser object]]
* mlExplorer - Standalone executable demonstrating how to use the [[Nullsoft Database Engine|Nullsoft Database Engine (NDE)]] in your own application to read Winamp's media library contents.
* nde - [[Nullsoft Database Engine]] source code
* nsv
* nu
* playlist
* plLoadEx
* ReplayGainAnalysis
* Wasabi
* Winamp
* xml
* xspf</rev>